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  • Facebook News Feed now focuses more on friends and family updates.
  • Dell introduces 70-inch HD touchscreen for team collaboration and presentations.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will be Discontinued by December 2016
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Elon Musk Code 2016
  • Tesla HEPA filters air bubble test
  • Facebook and Microsoft MAREA undersea cable for Atlantic
  • PC backpack 2
  • android-logo-1


iOS 10

iOS: Which New Features It Needs In Order To Stay Competitive With Android

Apple is slowly losing ground to Android in most markets. The biggest ...

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Best Android Apps – May 2016

May is almost over, and it is time for another list of ...

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Android N

Biggest Changes Coming With Android N

Android N is coming out later this year, and although there’re lots ...

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Science Journal

Science Journal Wants To Help Students Get Into The Wonderful World Of Science

As a psychologist, the biggest time-consuming task I did during my college ...

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Top Five Phones of 2013

phone -1

The Top 3 Smartphones


Top 3 luxury Electric Cars


Top 3 Android Tablets

Tech You Want

lifeproof 7

Lifeproof Phone Protection

Get yours [email protected] click here We’ve all heard of it. The best ...

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Is it a ATV Or Jet Ski? Its a Gibbs Quadski !

What is it? An ATV or Jet Ski Its a man’s best ...

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Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is the ultimate rugged speaker for almost any adventure!! You like outdoors? Like music!! Stop wasting your time with earphones get quality sound from this beast of a speaker.

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You love water sports? Got one of these? Want one now? The ...

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Watch RoboHon Demo Video

Sharp’s RoboHon is a Lovely Little Robo-Phone

The dream of having Iron Man’s Jarvis around your household is a ...

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Meet MiP: Best Toy Robot Gift for Your Kids

Meet MiP: Best Toy Robot Gift for Your Kids

MiP is the Winner of the TOTY 2015 Innovative Toy of the ...

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Revols Custom-fit Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds

Revols Custom-fit Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds

Doesn’t matter if you use headphones, earphones or earbuds; there is always ...

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one wheel 3

One Wheel-Land Surfer

Small cool and pretty neat, this kickstarter project achieve over 600% of ...

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