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Best Android Apps – May 2016

May is almost over, and it is time for another list of ...

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Android N

Biggest Changes Coming With Android N

Android N is coming out later this year, and although there’re lots ...

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Science Journal

Science Journal Wants To Help Students Get Into The Wonderful World Of Science

As a psychologist, the biggest time-consuming task I did during my college ...

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Android Wear 2.0 4

Android Wear Is On The Way Of Becoming A Full Fledged Smartwatch OS

Smartwatches are the newest direction where innovations are headed. Smartphones got to ...

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Top Five Phones of 2013

phone -1

The Top 3 Smartphones


Top 3 luxury Electric Cars


Top 3 Android Tablets

Tech You Want



You love water sports? Got one of these? Want one now? The ...

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Purism Librem 13 Laptop Review (2)

Purism’s Librem 13-inch Laptop Review: A Tailor-made Elegance

Modular phone technology is a heavy blow to traditional smartphones. Can you ...

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Watch RoboHon Demo Video

Sharp’s RoboHon is a Lovely Little Robo-Phone

The dream of having Iron Man’s Jarvis around your household is a ...

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Top 3 Trending Gadgets of The Fall 2015

Here comes another round of breathtaking must have gadgets. The thing about ...

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lifeproof 7

Lifeproof Phone Protection

Get yours [email protected] click here We’ve all heard of it. The best ...

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Levitating Waters

Isn't it cool? Its Levitating Water. No its not a lie, well not really.Check it out!!

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GTX1080 tn

GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Revealed, Both Are Faster Than Titan X

After many waves of rumors and leaks, Nvidia Finally revealed a new ...

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poppy 3d

3D Iphone Camera- Poppy 3D

Poppy 3D is a simple device that connects with your iphone. It ...

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