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top new smartphones 2016

Top New Smartphones 2016: Get Ready to Meet Best of the Best

The dawn of 2016 is coming with some stunning smartphones that are ...

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FairPhone 2 Review

FairPhone 2 In-depth Review: Everything You Want to Know

FairPhone unveiled its first modular phone two years ago and became a pioneer ...

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File transfer from Android to PC

How to Transfer Your Files from your Android device to PC: Multiple Methods

We often find ourselves in need to transfer files from Android phone ...

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modular phone technology

Emerging Modular Phone Technology and Its Benefits

Evolution of cellular communication devices is introducing new words to our vocabulary ...

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Top Five Phones of 2013

phone -1

The Top 3 Smartphones


Top 3 luxury Electric Cars


Top 3 Android Tablets

You Want This!!

Purism Librem 13 Laptop Review (2)

Purism’s Librem 13-inch Laptop Review: A Tailor-made Elegance

Modular phone technology is a heavy blow to traditional smartphones. Can you ...

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Cool Scribble Clock

Whilst drifting off to lala land, you remember all the things you should have done earlier that day, you need the Scribble Alarm Clock.

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Photive HYDRA Rugged Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is the ultimate rugged speaker for almost any adventure!! You like outdoors? Like music!! Stop wasting your time with earphones get quality sound from this beast of a speaker.

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poppy 3d

3D Iphone Camera- Poppy 3D

Poppy 3D is a simple device that connects with your iphone. It ...

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You love water sports? Got one of these? Want one now? The ...

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Your Very Own Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

A simply device with the potential to save lives. The choice is ...

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Top 9 Unusual Yet Useful Tech Inventions

A list of the top 9 strangest yet extremely useful inventions that you will be extremely appreciative of.

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Meet MiP: Best Toy Robot Gift for Your Kids

Meet MiP: Best Toy Robot Gift for Your Kids

MiP is the Winner of the TOTY 2015 Innovative Toy of the ...

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