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New Communication Technology

4 New Communication Technologies to Improve Organizational Communication

Every organization has to use communication technologies to improve on how information flows with in that organization. The rate at which information flows with in an organization will determine the speed at which decisions are made. If the flow of information is slow in an organization, also the rate at which decisions are made will be slow. Organizations are known for having multiple departments, so it is good to use communication technology tools to accelerate the flow of information from one level to another without affecting daily organizational activities.

Communication can be internal ( among employees and managers) or it can be external ( between clients and the organization) , either way, advanced communication technology tools will be needed.Below I have listed new communication technology tools you might use to improve organizational communication today.


:- Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology in an Organization

  1. 1.     Mail Pilot:

Email communication is one the most popular way people communicate within and out side of an organization. Mail Pilot has just reinvented the all process of composing, reading, and receiving emails. Mail Pilot is an online email service which comes with mobile Apps for iPhone and Android phones.

So why use Mail Pilot in business communication?

  • Mail Pilot will allow you to access all your emails under one account; it works with all major email services like ”Gmail, Yahoo ”. You don’t need to import anything; every thing is synced with your current email accounts.
  • You need only one single login to access all your email accounts



Try out Mail Pilot here:

  1. 2.    Botiful

The main goal of Botiful technology is to change the way you communicate with distant people. It is a good technology for small organizations. It is a tele-presence robot. You can easily use skype and control the robot and communicate with your workmates from anywhere in the world.

What makes Botiful unique?

  • It supports skype video calls because it comes fully integrated with skype.
  • It allows you to socialize with your workmates using social events.
  • Since it is a robot, it can move with you as you talk, so you don’t have to be in one position to talk with someone.

So how does this Botiful robot work?

Botiful will manage all your calls and contacts using Skype, simply connect your Smartphone and all your Skype contacts will be notified that you’re online

Learn more about Botiful here:


  1. 3.     KARMA – Bluetooth technology

One of the biggest challenge Bluetooth users have is privacy; it is very easy to hack into any Bluetooth and tap someone’s messages. However, the KARMA Bluetooth technology has just solved the privacy issue by creating a Bluetooth headset which encrypts all phone conversations.

KARMA encrypts the voice within the headset before it is sent over Bluetooth. So whoever wants to tap communication between two parties will technically fail.  It is very important to encrypt messages, because most organizational communications are sensitive, so someone can take advantage of Bluetooth communication technology to steal organizational information.


Learn More about  KARMA encrypted Bluetooth here:

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