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Technology for Schools – 100 Recommended Tech Tools For Schools


It is important to use technology in schools, technology is made to simplify the way we do things, and so both students and teachers can benefit from the integration of technology in schools. Some educational technologies for schools are not expensive, so every school can be in position to own at least 10 – 20 technologies for schools on this list. Also school administrators will find the technologies I have listed here very important and once integrated in schools; their job will also become easier. However, we need to know some benefits of integrating technology in our schools. So, on every school technology I have listed below, I have mentioned how useful it can be to either students or teachers. Below is a list of the best technology for schools.



‘’Teachers you can take a great advantage of this technology for classroom and improve on your teaching experience and also help your students learn better’’


Technology For School - Computer

 Without doubt, computers are essential technologies for schools. Teachers, students and school administrators will find a great use of a computer to accomplish specific educational tasks at school. Teachers can use computers to track students progress, students can use computers to learn various skills ‘’like’’ typing, grammar, essay writing, school administrators can use computers to capture and organize students and teachers data. Some schools have managed to put computers in every classroom, but this might be expensive, so most public schools have computer labs where students go to learn various computer basics.

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Wifi Technology & Internet:

Technology For Schools - Internet

Schools can use Wifi internet to enhance students learning abilities. This internet can be accessed for free across the campus, so this will enable the student to learn individually while using their laptops or tablets. Students use internet for research and educational purposes. So making internet accessible anywhere on the school campus will be a good use of technology in schools.  However, schools can put limits on the usage of this free wireless internet, for example, they can block some non educational websites, and put a limit on total downloads per user. This will ensure good usage of internet at school.


Cell Phones:

Technology For School - Cell Phones

The debate of using cell phones in schools is still on table. Many educators think that they should ban cell phone usage in schools, but these cell phones have resulted into a new style of learning. Mobile Learning has become so popular amongst college students, many of these students own smart cell phones which have big storage and they can also access internet, many of these students read e-books , listen to educational podcast, watch educational videos, complete field work using these smart cell phones. In some schools, they allow students to come with cell phones at school, but they put guidelines on when and what to use them for while at school.

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Smart White Boards:

Technology for Schools - Smart White Boards
Schools are replacing the black and white black board with a digital smart white boards. Teachers have found these smart white boards more flexible and students tend to learn better when a smart board is used in the classroom. Most of these smart boards can access internet and they also have storage space where teachers can save their work for later usage. Also students can use these smart boards to explain points to their fellow students while in the classroom. Many times students learn better when their fellow student teaches them. Also teachers can derive live visual 3D images or videos from the internet and use them as examples for specific subjects. This idea of using digital smart white boards in schools is very nice.

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LCD projector:

Technology For Schools - Projector

Schools use these LCD Projectors to enhance clear classroom demonstration. The LCD projector in this picture is SONY FullHD 3D ready LCD Projector with HDMI V1.4 – VPL-VW95ES. You can connect this projector to your computer and derive data from your computer to white board in the classroom. Teachers can use them in science classroom, geography classrooms, art classroom, music classroom and many more. This projector can display as many images as you want per second, so your students will learn better when you integrate visual learning tools in the classroom.
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SMART Board interactive displays

Classroom Technology

Unlike the smart white board, this interactive board display is more advanced and it comes with great functions. It displays images and information in a digital form, it is more like a flat plasma LCD screen, and basically it is a touch screen so you will enjoy using it in your classroom. Very few schools can afford these smart board interactive displays, but when integrated in the classroom, both the students and teachers will love them. It looks so beautiful. You can buy this LCD interactive board from smarttech.coM



Gamification - Classroom Technology

Many schools have discovered that it is very important to teach students through entertaining means. Games are being integrated in the curriculum so that students engage more and learn how to solve problems in a fan way. Gamification is a process of integrating game mechanics in non-game context. Teachers can use math games to teach math, Language teachers can also use language teaching games to help their students learn new languages in a fan way. Some of the tricks teachers can use to enhance learning through games include; creating competitions and award points to students to solve problems using these games. This practice will also encourage the lazy students to participate.

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Social Networking and Blogs:

Wordpress - Classroom Technology

This is a new type of free technology used by most advanced schools. Teachers and students both use educational social networks like Piazza.com, epals.com to connect to other educators and fellow students. Also teachers use free blog hosting services like Blogger.com and WordPress.org to create free classroom blogs. On these blogs, teachers can post classroom notes, assignments, and they can also list down-loadable e-books to help their students during research. Students can also create blogs where they publish their educational essays for other students to read. Some schools have these blogs on their school website, so both students and teachers can register with a school website and they start posting educational content on the school blog.


Audio Files – Podcasts:

audio - technology for classroom

Schools can take advantage of providing educational material in form of audio so that students can download them via the school network and listen to them any where. Some teachers say that recording a lesson on a podcast can consume time, but in my opinion, I think that after recording that lesson, students will keep on downloading the same lesson year after year which will actually save you time in the long run. Educational audio file encourage individual learning.



ipad - classroom technology

Schools can provide these portable tablets to their teachers to simplify their job. Tablets are a quite expensive, but they are better than laptops. A teacher can use a tablet and Blue-tooth technology to derive data to a white board in the classroom. Unlike desktop computers of laptops which limit the teacher to be in one specific postion in their classroom, with a tablet device, they can teach as they move around the classroom to monitor student’s performance. Teachers can even store students details on this tablet because it has a big storage, which can help a teacher to easily manage their classroom. 

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Laptop cart for schools:

Technology For Schools - Laptop Cart

Since most schools allow their students to come with laptops at school, this laptop cart will be needed to keep students laptops safe. Some on these laptop carts can also work as laptop charging terminals. Students don’t have to move with their laptops or keep them in lockers where they can be stolen; this Laptop cart for schools can keep more than 50 laptops, so each classroom can have its Laptop cart.

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Digital camera:

Classroom Technology - Digital Camera

Schools need to provide digital cameras to each teacher, these cameras can be used to take pictures in the field and these pictures can be used for visual illustration while in the classroom. Let’s take an example of a geography teacher who uses a digital camera to take pictures of active volcanic mountains, these pictures can be used in the classroom to explain the subject of Volcanicity to geography students. Students can also have their own digital cameras they can use for research purposes.

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Digital audio recorders:

Digital audio recorders - Classroom Technology

Very few schools are using this device; it is commonly used by journalists. But teachers can also use these digital audio recorders to create audio files for their students to download and listen to lessons while not at school. The device is portable, you can replay the message to ensure its accuracy and you can as well make as many audio recordings as you want.  Literature students also find this audio recorder important, most of these students want to write their own books, so this device can be used to record experiences of writers.

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CD/DVD Digital Duplicators:

DVD Digital Duplicators - School Technology

Schools need to have a digital duplicator, and you don’t need to have many of them. Teachers and students can use these digital duplicators to make copies of educational materials. For example, a biology teacher can make various illustrations and record them on a DVD for their biology classroom, then use this DVD digital duplicator to make copies of a full lesson for each student. This will enhance individual learning, because every student will have a copy of the lesson which they can play while at home.

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Laser Printer:

Technology For Schools - Laser Printer

Schools need to have these digital laser printers to complete some tasks. This printer can be used to print  important educational documents like school notes, making of photo copies of various documents. They come in various styles, it is better you buy the one which supports colored printing. Since not every one will need to use this machine at school, it is better you buy one for the library to make library cards and other duties of the library, then also buy one for staff use.

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Computer Software: – Classroom management software

Classroom management software - Teachers Technology

Different types of software can be used by schools. For teachers and students to accomplish certain tasks using computers, they will need help from specific software’s. For example, the SMART Sync classroom management software has various practical features which enable smooth transitions between individual, small group and whole class activities, which will help a teacher to make the most out their classroom. This classroom management software will allow you to view students’ screens on your computer desktop or tablet, which will make it easy for you to monitor students’ usage of computers in the classroom.

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Micro phones

Micro phones -Classroom Technology

Schools need to give these digital microphones to each classroom. The microphone can be connected to loud speakers and teachers can find it simple to teach a big classroom without straining their voices using this digital micro phone. It is very light and you can even adjust the volume so that every student in the classroom hears you very well. It is better every classroom to have more than two digital micro phones. One can be used by the teacher and other can be used by students to ask questions or answer questions. Either way, a micro phone will benefit both the teacher and students.

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Classroom Technology - MimioVote

The Mimio Vote is an assessment system which can help teachers easily measure their students understanding capacity. This tool can help teachers track students progress through instant feedback and scores tallied over time. The tool is user friendly; teachers can download students’ results in a spreadsheet for clear achievement records. The MimioVote system is portable and convenient, you can move it between classrooms and you don’t have to replace batteries which will save you money and time. It sounds like a great technology for classroom, so every school should buy it, to simplify the work of teachers.
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Classroom Technology - MimioView

MimioView is a smart document camera which lets you easily add pictures or live streaming videos to your interactive whiteboard lessons. This is a great tool which can help teachers who don’t have access to digital smart boards. It is cheap in price and it will deliver great visual illustration to your students which will improve on the way you teach and also improve on the way students learn. Science teachers can use this Mimio View document camera to show images and science videos to their students. It is very easy to connect the Mimio View, simply connect the camera to a USB port on your computer and you will be ready to capture images and videos from your computer to the whiteboard. You can also annotate images; turn them into files of save them for future use. This is a great technological tool for schools.
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Teachers Technology - MimioPad

The MimioPad is a wireless tablet which teachers can use in their classrooms. This device can help a teacher walk around the classroom while teaching from the whiteboard. So the teacher will not be tied in one place, and this will help them exercise their bodies while teaching, yet they will also be in position to reach every corner of the classroom and inspect students as they teach. Some students prefer to sit at the back and in most cases; they don’t pay attention to what is being taught, so with this flexible Wireless Tablet, teachers can stand in any corner or position of the classroom to make sure that all students are active and paying attention. The MimioPad comes with a wireless USB receiver that communicates automatically with the MimioTeach system. You can also write, point, and click on the tablet with the MimioPad stylus.

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MimioCapture - Classroom Technology
MimioCapture is an Ink Recording System. This is a fabulous tool for teachers; the tool will allow you to save whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer as you teach for later usage. Many schools will find this tool technology important, because it comes at an affordable price and you don’t have to spend big amounts of cash on buying digital smart boards. Simply use this tool to help teachers digitize their work and focus their attention on teaching students. What can teachers do with this MimioCapture Ink Recording System:- Teachers can add their students’ drawings to their lessons on the fly.
- Teachers can capture notes for absent students.
- Teachers can also call up the same note for multiple classes which saves them time.
- You can use it without a projector
- Teachers can save, print and edit their whiteboard notes for students anytime, using different formats, which include PDF, JPEG and HTML.

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MimioTeach - Classroom technology

MimioTeach Interactive System will save you from buying an interactive whiteboard which might be too expensive for your school, but it will enable you turn a whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. In this case, the tool brings the interactive technology on the whiteboard, and it is very easy to install yet it delivers the best results. You can simply mount it to your whiteboard magnetically, so you can easily move it between classrooms or remove it at any time for safekeeping. Public schools with limited budgets can find this technology very essential.

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Ceiling Mount LCD projector

Technology For Schools - Ceiling Mount LCD projector

I have seen many big schools with these ceiling mount LCD projectors installed in big classrooms and school halls. This projector can show clear 3D images and videos on a white board. It is raised very well so it will be very safe. It can be used for mega illustrations and it can fit images and videos on very wide whiteboard screens.  A cable is run from the computer to this projector so that images or videos on the computer can be seen clearly by any one.

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DyKnow Software:

DyKnow Software - Teachers Technology

You can easily supervise your classroom with this software. The all package of DYKNOW software comes with a classroom management software which you can use to guide computer use in the classroom and an Interactive Learning Software which you can use to present and share data, assess and save students work or record and replay past events in the classroom. This software will help teachers keep their students engaged. It is well known that students will learn better when they are engaged and kept accountable.

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Technology For Schools -Megaphones

These are very common in most schools and colleges. A megaphone can be used to gather students for a specific reason; you can use a megaphone on a school parade to deliver a message. Basically these megaphones are used by school administrators to deliver important message to all students in the school. The newly advanced megaphone is chargeable so you will not have to replace it with batteries, and it is light and more effective, the sound is very clear to reduce on stressing your voice.

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WIRELESS KEYBOARDS - Classroom Technology

Modern technology makes us work for longer hours because of the fan that comes with it. Schools can use these wireless keyboards in their computer rooms; provide every teacher with a digital wireless keyboard to simplify the job of a teacher. This keyboard has more functions than a normal wired keyboard. Logitech wireless keyboards are the best, also Microsoft wireless keyboards are common, but I personally prefer the smooth Logitech wireless keyboard.
In this picture we have a Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550 With Keyboard and Laser Mouse; it has a cushioned palm rest for exceptional typing comfort.

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Wireless mouse with zoom capability

Wireless mouse with zoom capability - Classroom technology

School administrators and teachers can use this wireless mouse to simplify the way they do their computer work. Imagine a teacher, who has to go through thousands of students records on their computer, they will find it easy if they use a wire less mouse to scroll through vast amounts of data. The same mouse can be used in the classroom when a teacher is illustrating a specific subject using a computer, projector and a whiteboard.

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FM Systems for Classrooms:

Classroom Technology - FM Systems for Classrooms

Commonly known as a Frequency Modulating System. They are used to transmit sound from one person to another to overcome the effects of noise and distance. Very few schools are using these FM systems in classroom. Schools located in noisy places will need these FM systems, also schools with very big classrooms need to use them, because they help in reducing the distance between the teacher and students in a big classroom. The main function of FM systems in schools is to provide improved hearing in a range of situations where students can’t get close the teacher.

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DVD Player/Recorder:

DVD PlayerRecorder - Classroom Technology

This might not be too relevant, but it can be used during school seminars to play educational videos or entrainment movies for students. After classes, students will need some form of entrainment to stimulate their brains, so a DVD player and an LCD Plasma TV can be used to entertain students after classroom hours. Their so many ways in which students can be entertained and this is one of the cheapest and affordable means of entertainment.

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8mm Camcorder:

8mm Camcorder - Classroom Technology

This camcorder camera can be used to record important school events. It is advisable to keep archives of the most important school activities and the best way to do this is by recording them in video format so that they can be replayed on a later stage. The battery of this Sony video camcorder lasts for long and the camera is very light. Teachers can also use it to record activities in their classrooms. It is not too expensive, you can buy one 8mm Camcorder at $240. I think 2 – 3 camcorders are enough for any standard school.

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Mobile Laptop Charging Station:

Technology For Schools - Mobile Laptop Charging Station

Since most students have their own laptops, it can be a mess when they want to charge them, so any school with so many students using laptops for educational purposes will need to buy these Laptop charging stations and put them in different locations. For example, every classroom block can have one mobile laptop charging station so that students on that block use that station. When it comes to cost, you will spend at least $500 per station, so if you’re to buy 3 of them, you will end up spending only $1500. But all this will depend on how much money your school administration is willing to spend on such technologies.

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Metal Mobile MLS Series Laptop Security Cabinet

School Technology - Metal Mobile MLS Series Laptop Security Cabinet

Laptops are too delicate to keep and very easy to steal, so it is better you buy at least two or four metal mobile laptop security cabinets. It is mobile so you can move it from one classroom to another. The way students learn has changed, so laptops and tablets have become essential to them. Students store most of their academic data on these laptops, so it is very important to provide them with a safe storage. When it comes to pricing, this Metal Mobile Laptop Security Cabinet goes for only $488.99, if you buy like two of them , you will spend like $977.98

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Public Address Equipments:

Technology For Schools - Public Address Equipments

This wireless portable Public speaking system is the best for your school. It can be used on school parades, in theaters, lectures and very big classrooms. This is a MEGAMOUNT PA Portable amplifier; it has an internal rechargeable battery, so you will not worry about any power shortages which might affect daily activities at school. It also has a cassette deck which can allows you to play recorded audios in your classroom. When it comes to its price, this Public speaking system is affordable; It goes for only $150, so every school can afford it.

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Technology For Students - Headphones

This is one of the cheapest technologies every school must have.  But you will be surprised that very few schools know the use of headphones, and most of them don’t even bother to buy them. Students can use headphones to listen to audio lessons from the internet. Schools can put these headphones in computer labs and ensure that students don’t go away with them. School administrators and teachers can use headphones on skype to communicate with other educators.

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Projector Screens:

Classroom Technoloy - Projector Screens

These projector screens are used in classroom and seminar rooms in schools. It is a ceiling attached project screen so it will fit well in your classroom.  For a better effect, position this projector screen in the middle of the classroom wall, so that all students from all angles of the classroom can see the illustrious displayed on the screen. You can use ceiling mounted LCD projects to deliver images and videos on this screen. When it comes to pricing, this type projector screen is expensive; you will spend at least $704 per projector screen.

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Presentation Carts:

Technology For Schools -Presentation Carts

A presentation cart is used during classroom presentations. Both teachers and students can use this presentation cart to derive information from their laptops to the projector then this data can be seen on a whiteboard or a projector screen. This presentation is mobile, so it can be moved from one classroom to another. If your school has a fixed budget, you can buy a few of these presentation carts so that they get shared by various classrooms.  When it comes to its price, you will spend as much as $299.9 per cart. This can be expensive for big public schools.

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Projection Maker board:

Classroom Technology - Projection Maker board

Unlike other projector screens, this one can do more than one job. You can write on this projection maker board using an ink maker, you can also use it as a projector screen.  Since it is mobile, you can move it across classrooms. But I suggest schools buy this projection maker board for each classroom to improve on the way students learn. The board can be digitized using Mimio Technologies like the MimioTeach Interactive System. When it comes to costs, the board will cost you $609.9. Wow, this is expensive

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SMART Slate wireless slate

Teachers Technology -SMART Slate wireless slate
This SMart Slate Wireless slate brings new a life in the classroom. Teachers can use this wireless slate to remotely write on the smart board, yet they can also reach all students in their classroom by handing them with a wireless slated to contribute in the classroom. Students can easily participate in the teaching process by solving equations using this wireless slate. The student or teacher will be writing on the slate and data will be derived directly to the smart white board. It is a very flexible educational tool which can make the teachers’ job easier. Many times I have hard teachers saying they don’t know how to integrate technology in their classroom, please, this is a simple technology, and you will need no instructions or training to use it.

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Interactive Panel Systems:

Classroom Technology -Interactive Panel Systems

This is an advanced educational technology. It can be used in classrooms for visual based learning. This Interactive panel system is a computer based board which will do any thing. You can writ on its screen suing a digital pen, you can save work and retrieve it later, you can access internet and play live stream videos for your students. It is an expensive gadget, because one piece goes for as much as $2000. So a few schools can afford this technology.

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Cassette & Record Players

Teachers Technology - Cassette Record Players

Who ever says that cassette recorders are not on style any more must be wrong. Yes, I agree we have some advanced portable recording devices; the Cassette recorder is still useful. You can use this cassette & record player to create audio lessons or massages. If you look at the public address system on this list, it has a cassette player, so as a school administrator, you can save time, by recording public massages and they get played via public address equipment. This cassette is not to expensive, you can get one for only $30.29. Why waste time giving morning public  speeches at school when you can record them and they get played.

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Paper Digital Duplicators:

Technology For Schools - Paper Digital Duplicators

It is very essential to have a paper digital duplicator in your school. Both students and teachers will need this machine. Teachers can use this paper digital duplicator to print vast amounts of exam papers. Students can use it to make copies of text books. Most of these duplicators support colored printing and they can print on any size of paper.

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Wireless Presentation System:

Classroom Technology - Wireless Presentation System

You can use this wireless presentation system in the classroom to connect more than 20 wireless devices to a single projector. Teachers can use this tool during student’s classroom presentation. This wireless presentation system will allow students to connect to the projector and present their works direct from their laptops. It is a very great tool for classroom presentations and it will enhance the way your students interact with content. It is compatible with most laptops, Mac , iPads, iPhones and  Android devices. Schools can buy a few of these devices and they get shared across classrooms. When it comes to cost, this Wireless Presentation System goes for as much as $464.99.

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Overhead Projector Replacement Lamp

Classroom Technology - Overhead Projector Replacement Lamp

It’s clever to have some of these overhead projector replacement lamps in stock. Any time, one of the lamps of the projectors will blow out and this can affect classroom activities, so every school using projectors in their classroom, has to have these projector replacement lamps. It lasts for many hours and it ensure images are bright on your screen. When it comes to cost, these lamps are not expensive, each piece goes for only $9.99. So you can stock as many as you can.

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USB Webcam

USB Webcam - Classroom Technology

Webcams are used to capture live images of anyone in the room. For educational purposes, schools can put these webcams in computer labs where students can do live chats with fellow students and exchange academic information. Also teachers can use the same device to interact with fellow teachers on campus or from different schools. Webcams work with internet video chatting systems like ‘’Skype’’ which is available for free.

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Pocket Projector

Teachers Technology -Pocket Projector

This MP220 Pocket projector will make classroom presentations very easy. It comes with a built-in sound, a high-resolution picture and it can work with various devices. Its rechargeable battery will last for at least two hours and it also has a built-in optical mouse which means you will need no other extra equipments to use this portable pocket projector. Its LED lamp comes with a 65-lumen light output which will enable you project sharp images with up-to 75-inch diagonal. Its micro SD card port will allow you to transfer files from your laptop to the projector. It is a cool technology for classroom; schools can buy just a few of these pocket projectors, because it is very easy to loose them, so they just have to use them as emergency projectors. Each pocket projector  costs as much as $499.00.
Buy it from : schooloutfitters.com


Line Array Speakers:

Technology For Schools - Line Array Speakers

This highly powered wired line array speaker can be used for public speaking in schools, or it can be used on school events like music and drama, sports events in schools and so many other school events. Do not use this speaker in a classroom, because it might be too loud for a small classroom. But you can use them in a conference hall for academic seminars. This speaker focuses the sound pattern directly at your audience and it makes sure that the sound is balanced from the front to the back. You can spend only $129.99 on each speaker.

Buy them from: Schooloutfitters.com


Letter Boards & Directory Boards

Technology For Schools - Directory Boards

This is a very ordinary technological tool for schools, though it is very essential. Directory boards are used for school announcements, it can be installed in classrooms, teachers office, library, or any where on the campus. You can display any type of message on this board using plastic letters on the grooved felt surface. It can be locked, so that students do not tamper with the information. This directory board comes in various sizes and it will cost you $99.99 – $384.99.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Digital Outdoor Message Boards

School Technology - Digital Outdoor Message Boards

Many schools have started using these digital outdoor info view boards. Text on this board can be controlled and changed any time. Some times it is used to announce special events and days at school. This board can store over 500+ pages of messages which you can schedule to play at specific periods. It requires very low power and very low maintenance cost and it is also weather resistant.

Buy it from: grandwell.com


Project and Display Boards

Classroom Technology - Project and Display Boards

Think of creating presentations either in the classroom or outside of the classroom, this is the best project presentation board you will need to have. It is very good on science fairs and shows. It is not very expensive, so your school can buy like 20 of these project boards for only $46.99 – $89.99 each.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Wheelchair Accessible Workstations

Students Technology -Wheelchair Accessible Workstations

Students with disabilities will need this adjustable computer workstation. Many times, public schools fail to plan for students with disabilities so these children find it hard to access some educational technologies and facilities while at school. It is very important to have a balanced educational environment at school; using these adjustable computer stations will help students with disabilities to effectively use computers in the classroom. When it comes to cost, you will spend $979.99 – $1,620.99 for each workstation, it is quite expensive, so you better know how many students need this facility.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


MP4 Interactive Media Player

Students Technology - MP4 Interactive Media Player

This is a good tool for kindergarten schools. This MP4 interactive media player will let you engage with your students in a fan way. Students learn better with games because they challenge them to complete tasks. This adobe flash support allows users to record, store and play a variety of content which can include images, videos or digital books. The device also has a built-in camera which takes high resolution pictures. The batteries are rechargeable, so your students will not worry about running out of power while playing. When it comes to price, this device will cost you only $189.99

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com

Play-Only Card Reader

Students Technology - Play-Only Card Reader

It is very important to use various technological tools to keep your students active in the classroom. This Play-Only Card Reader will encourage your students to work without any serious supervision; this will give you more time to focus on other subjects. To keep the classroom noise free and without distraction, you can give your students headphones. It is not a very essential educational technology, but it will add some fan in your classroom. Each of these play-only card readers will cost you $49.99.
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Early Childhood Reading Readiness Center

Students Technology - Early Childhood Reading Readiness Center

Kindergarten schools will find this early childhood reading center useful. It has everything you might need to conduct phonics and speech lessons. Each of these learning set will help your students associate different pictures and words with a pre-recorded sound. It is a fan way of teaching young children. Though the kit is a bit expensive, you will spend $348.99 for each of these kits.

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Fun Keyboard & Fun Mouse Set

Students Technology - Fun Mouse Set

It is a lovely colorful keyboard which comes with a colorful wired mouse. Kindergarten children will enjoy typing with this fancy fun keyboard.  Kids love colors, so they will stay attentive in class while using this keyboard. During the process of learning what each colored button on the keyboard does, the kid will learn how to type.

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Student Response System

Students Technology - Student Response System

Teachers have always had a problem of gauging students basing on their learning abilities. Not all students have the same learning ability; some will easily grasp the point, while others might take long to understand. So teachers can use this student response system to capture real-time assessment data to gauge their student’s learning needs, and then alter instructions to these students as needed. The tool promotes individual learning in the classroom.

Buy it from: einstruction.com


Wheelchair-Accessible Projection Markerboard

Classroom Technology - Wheelchair-Accessible Projection Markerboard

Educational opportunities should be given to every one. Special needs students and teachers will find a great need of this wheelchair accessible projection maker board.
The height of the board can be adjusted via the wheel to make it easy for the student or teacher to easily write on the board. The board has a low-glare surface which can be used as a projection screen. This board comes in various heights, and it price is based on its size. For example a board with a dimension of 8W X 5H will cost you $514 , and a board with a dimension of 16W X 5H will go for $1,042.99

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Visionary Magnetic Frosted Glass Markerboard

Classroom Technology - Visionary Magnetic Frosted Glass Markerboard

Unlike other maker-boards, this one is very smooth and it is very easy to write on and clean. This frosted glass maker-board comes with a 50 year guarantee. This explains how good this maker-board is. You can simply fit it on the wall of the classroom with pins; it has a boarder less finishing. Also this visionary magnetic frosted glass maker-board comes in different dimensions, the bigger the board the more expensive it will be. For example, a 3W X 2H board will cost you only $217.99, yet a 8W X 4H will go for as much as $620.99.

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Classroom amplification system:

Classroom amplification system - Classroom Technology


Teachers if you have a big classroom this SMART audio classroom amplification system will help you in distributing clear sound throughout your classroom, so you will basically concentrate on teaching. Students will hear every point clearly and they will learn easily. Big classrooms are characterized with distracting noise, but this classroom amplification system will do the magic. It does not matter how big a classroom might be, the speakers of this system can be installed evenly across the classroom. The system comes with a wireless infrared microphone which will ensure that you don’t strain your voice.

Buy it from: smarttech.com


REDCAT Media Classroom Audio

Technology For Classroom - REDCAT Media Classroom Audio

Teachers you can use this high quality classroom audio system to improve on the sound effect in your classroom. Teaching a big classroom can be stressful some times since you have to strain your voice to make sure that every student hears you well. So to cut down all that stress, you can simply use this classroom audio system. Its speakers have a low frequency and a cross-over technology which adds bass for movies and music. You even don’t have to install any thing; it is just a plug and play technology audio system.This REDCAT Media Classroom Audio system features:

- An infrared wireless technology
- It has two microphone channels
- It also has multiple microphone options
- Comes with a Flat-panel speaker technology for excellent distribution of sound in your classroom.When it comes to cost, the equipment is a bit expensive. You will spend at least $1,538 to have this quality classroom audio system.

Buy it from: lightspeed-tek.com


TOPCAT: wireless solution for ceiling-mount
classroom audio

Classroom Technology -Wireless solution for ceiling-mount classroom audio

Think of saving money on audio systems in your classroom, this all-in-one Drop Ceiling audio system will do the magic. This TOPCAT is a wireless overhead classroom audio system which disperses a full range of sound evenly throughout your classroom. Since it is installed on the ceiling, every student in the classroom will hear what ever you say. It is a cool sound technology for big classrooms and conference rooms. It also comes with a bass speaker and a flat panel exciter system which will create deep sound throughout your classroom.

Buy it from: lightspeed-tek.com


Classroom Audio Hubs

Classroom Audio Hubs - Classroom Technology

This is a wireless classroom audio hub with a hybrid speaker technology and it also has multiple microphone options. It is very easy to install this new CAT 800 Series classroom audio system and it will deliver high quality audio to your students. On this list i have listed various classroom audio systems, but each of them has its functionality and uniqueness. Basing on your needs, you have a wide option on which audio system to use in your classroom. Some of these audio systems are expensive, so if your budget is a bit limited, you can opt for the affordable audio systems for your classroom.

Buy it from: lightspeed-tek.com


Infrared Wireless Microphone System

Infrared Wireless  Microphone System -Classroom Technology

This infrared wireless microphone system is portable and it can be worn comfortably around the teacher’ neck, giving you more freedom while teaching. It featured an infrared wireless technology, two microphone channels and IR Sensor inputs with the ability to power up to 4 sensors for a very large classroom.

Buy it from: lightspeed-tek.com



General Technology for Schools

‘’ School administrators, you can find a great use of these must have technology for schools, all the technologies I have listed below are very essential in your school and you should make it a point to at least have 5-8 of these technologies, most of them are not expensive, so I believe you will provide a safe environment to your students with this technology for schools. It does not matter if it is a kindergarten school of a college, these general technologies are basics for all schools ’’

Fire Alarm – System Sensor

Technology For Schools - Fire Alarm – System Sensor











Keeping your school safe from fire has to be your priority number one. Every day schools are destroyed by fire, so you need to install this fire sensor. Once it senses any fire outbreak in any section of your school, its alarm will be turned on to alert people concerned. You can install this fire sensor in classrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. The price of this fire sensor is fair; you can buy each fire alarm at $42.95.

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Surveillance Cameras:

Technology For Schools -Surveillance Cameras











Monitor your students both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Inspect the environment around them to ensure that they always stay safe. So many students have been killed in school gun shoots simply because these schools have no inspection systems to monitors students activities. So now to reduce on these Gun shoots in our schools, we shall need to install hidden surveillance cameras and employ a full time security team to monitor the videos sent by these cameras.

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Solar Panel:











Installing solar panels can be expensive in the beginning, but in the long run, you will save lots of money on power. It is very difficult to limit the usage of power in a school, every one will use power their own way, students will need to charge their laptops, teachers will need to operated digital classrooms , every section of your school must have light, teachers will need power to print exams for their students. The use of power in a school is unlimited, so for you to save money. Solar energy can serve power to every one, and your ROI will also increase. Private schools will find this solar technology very essential, because their schools are business entities which are supposed to make profits.

Buy it from: Amazon.com

Educator School Laminator

Technology For Schools - Educator School Laminator











You can use this educator school laminator to protect your school posters, dry-erase charts, and many other visual teaching aids. Some times, teachers find it difficult to keep these educational charts safe from water or scratches, so they end up making new ones every new term. So to save your teachers from this burden, you can use this educator school laminator to protect these charts.  Very few schools can afford this technology because of its price. Only one piece of an educator school laminator costs $1,940.99.
Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


ID Card Printers

School Technology - ID Card Printers











Every student will need an identification, so to save time and money; you can use this Single sided ID Card Printer. This printer will produce a full-color single sided ID with in 35 seconds. You don’t have to produce all ID’s on one day, you can simply make like 5000 cards per day and with in a week all students and staff members will have clear ID’s. Its price is a bit high, so you can start with one machine. You will pay as much as $1,189.99 – $1,579.99

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Paper Cutters & Trimmers

Technology For Schools - Paper Cutters Trimmers











Every schools deals with papers, some are for exams, others are for classroom charts. The use of papers in schools is unlimited. So to speed up the paper cutting process, you can buy like 1 – 2 paper cutters for your school. Students will not have direct access to this cutter because they might misuse it, simply buy one for the Library and one for your printing staff.  This paper cutter will cost you only $55.99

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Roval Paper Towel Dispenser

School Technology - Roval Paper Towel Dispenser











Hygiene is another important thing to note. Make sure your students have access to both water and paper towels. This Roval Paper Towel Dispenser can hold 400 C-fold or 525 multi-fold paper towels. It is made out of stainless steel so it will be clean all the time. To keep it secure, it comes with a tumbler lock and a heavy duty piano hinge. You have to install this Roval Paper Towel Dispenser in every toilet and its price is relatively fair. You will spend only $84.99 on each dispenser.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser

School Technology - Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser











You can also opt for this roll toilet tissue dispenser for all your school toilets. It also comes in steel , so it will last for long and you can fit it just next to the toilet sit. Teach your students to clean them selves with toilet tissue, and then they have to clean their hands with soap and water so that they have no germs on their hand after visiting the toilet.
You can buy this Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser for only $73.99

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com

Smoke Detectors

Technology For Schools - Smoke Detectors











I guess many of you have seen these smoke detectors in most commercial buildings, also schools they need to install smoke detectors so that smoke and fire outbreaks can be detected on time. In most cases these smoke detectors are connected to water, so they sprinkle water when they detect any smoke or fire. Each of these smoke detectors goes for only $12.88, so you can buy as many as you can and install them in each classroom and other sections of the school.

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Fire Extinguisher











Many schools have been destroyed by fire. Some times this fire can be caused by a stubborn student and it can spread all over the school. So to be prepared, schools should put a fire extinguisher in each classroom and in every science laboratory. Both teachers and students have to be trained on how to use fire extinguishers.  You can buy each of these fire extinguisher for as low as $28.99

Buy it from: amazon.com


Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper

Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper - School Technology











Now that you have managed to install a fire extinguisher in every classroom at your school, be aware of thieves who want to steal them, sometimes students might want to use them for selfish reasons. So to prevent all this mess, you need to buy a fire Extinguisher theft stopper. This stopper has an alarm you can activate to stop vandalism or misuse. When it comes to cost, you will spend only $32.47 per stopper.

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Best Administration Technology for Schools:

‘’School administrators, on this list, I have just two technologies in form of software, one is a lecture capturing software which can help your students and teachers record lectures and retrieve them for a later use, then the other technology is a classroom management application software which helps teachers to manage a computer based classroom’’

Classroom Management applications:

Classroom Management applications - Administration Technology











Teachers, spend more time teaching and less time on supervision of students. This software will help you manage your classroom by keeping an eye on every students work on their computers. With this software, you can easily notice when some one is off track. Many times teachers complain that using computers in the classroom creates distraction, because students tend to use these computers for non educational purposes. To some extent, this is true, but now, with this class management software, you can monitor the usage of each computer, or conduct a lesson via your computer and monitor student’s performance while on your desk.

Buy it from: netop.com


Lecture Capture:

Lecture Capture - Classroom Technology








Think of recoding and archiving lectures for your students. It is a new way of making storing educational data. Teachers can record lectures using Panopto software, and then students who missed the lecture can access it remotely and share it with other students online. In the actual sense, the all lecture gets out of the classroom and it gets exposed to the world.

Buy it from: panopto.com


Best Sports Technology for Schools:

‘’Work without play makes tom a dull boy. So every school must have various sports activities to ensure students are entertained and get a chance to develop their talents and sports skills. Some students perform better when given a chance to play and in most cases, most of these sports activities end up as real carriers for most students, so every school should have some essential sports technology, I have listed a few of them on this list’’

Portable Wireless Remote Scoreboards

Portable Wireless Remote Scoreboards - School Technology











This portable wireless remote scoreboard is the best for any indoor game. It will enable you to update your game scores on time. For a great view and effect, you can display it on a scorer’s table, and then use its control panel to update game scores of both teams playing. It features a 4 1/2 inch time clock and score numbers and foul bonus indicators. During the game, both players and the crowd will need real-time updates of points for each team.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Wall Mounted Basketball Scoreboard

Wall Mounted Basketball Scoreboard - School Technology











Unlike the portable wireless remote scoreboard, this Wall Mounted Basketball scoreboard is for bigger games with big crowds. Its has (156” L x 6″ D x 60″ H) with a 12-inch red clock digits and yellow 12 inch digits which can be seen clearly from a distance. This device comes with a tabletop 110-Volt CONTROL CONSOLE which you can use to update stats on the scoreboard. Since its meant for big games, also its price is a bit high. You will spend $5,263.99 one time fee to own this Wall mounted Basketball Scoreboard in your school. Schools with limited budgets can opt for the portable digital scoreboard.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Single-Sided Skateboard Lockers

Single-Sided Skateboard Lockers - School Technology











These single-sided skateboard lockers will help you in storing your skateboards. Many students enjoy the skateboard game while at school, and most of them buy their own skateboards which they use while coming to school. So it is a good idea to have a special skateboard storage facility for them. Every skateboard will fit in its own racket, but each individual compartment will store up to eight skateboards. This skateboard locker is not expensive; you will spend only $795.00 for each locker.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Best Vocational Arts Technology for Schools

‘’ Vocational learning is recommended in every school because not all students have the same learning capabilities, some are good in formal education while other are good in practical education. So it is better for any school to have some vocational subjects like Wood Work – to teach students how to create furniture products. On this list I have listed a few vocational arts technologies every school should have ’’


Hearing Safe Ear Muff

Hearing Safe Ear Muff - School Technology











Them main role of this Hearing Ear Muff is to protect your student’s hearing system from strong noise in the workshop. Workshops tend to have strong sharp noise which might damage your earring system, so both students and teachers need to use these ear muffs to reduce on the sound effect produced by machines in the workshop. This hearing protector has bigger ear cups so it will block out sounds and keep your ears protected. It is not expensive; you can spend only $14.99 on each earring muff. So you can buy like 50 pieces of these ear muffs and put them in a school workshop. They have to be cleaned every after use, and store them in a safe dry place.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Electrically Wired Instrument Cart with Drawer

Electrically Wired Instrument Cart with Drawer - School technology











You can easily transport fragile items in your workshop using the electrically wired instrument cart drawer. It’s wood composite shelve is covered in a non-slip vinyl which will keep your items in position, and its top shelf has a protective bumper which will keep furniture and walls from being nicked. You can also use its locked drawer to keep delicate equipments safe. Schools with high tech tools in their workshops will find this electric cart very useful. It costs $441.99 – $534.99

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Best Science Technology for Schools:

‘’Our nation and economy depends on science, so every school must have a science laboratory where science students experiment on various subjects, all science teachers will find a great use of these science technologies for schools. ’’
Digital Multi-Purpose Microscope Kit With Camera

Digital Multi-Purpose Microscope Kit With Camera - Science Classroom Technology











Advance your school laboratory with this digital Multi purpose Microscope. With this digital microscope, images can be viewed on a computer, so the rest of the classroom will see every thing clearly. In this case you can program your computer to work with a wireless project and derive all data from this digital microscope to a white board. It also includes software which will enable you save images and videos for later usage.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Handheld Digital Microscope with LCD Screen

Handheld Digital Microscope with LCD Screen - Science Classroom Technology











Unlike those old model microscopes, this one has an LCD screen. Introduce your science students to this new hand-held digital microscope with and LCD Screen, this microscope can be used by more than one student in the science classroom, so it will save you money and also improve on the way your students learn. You can tell your science students to create a group of 2- 3 students and share one LCD screen Digital Microscope. It is not expensive; you can get it at $109.99. Schools with limited budgets can opt for this digital LCD microscope.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Portable Digital Microscope Camera

Portable Digital Microscope Camera - Science Classroom Technology











Enhance your science classroom with this portable digital microscope. It features a 2.8 full color TFT LCD screen which will display images accurately. It has a photo resolution of ”1600 x 1200 ” pixels which come in JPG file format, which means that all images produced will be of a high resolution. You can as well adjust its lighting source function. You can use this Portable Digital Microscope to examine fragile items such as wounds, insects and soft materials like skin, hair, etc. Its price is a little bit high but affordable, you will spend only $299.98 on each Portable Digital Microscope.

Buy it from: amazon.com


Motic Handheld Magnification Camera

Motic Handheld Magnification Camera - Science Classroom Technology











Improve on the way your science students learn by providing them with this Motic Handheld Magnification Camera. It is very light and effective. It will let your science students view textures and details with am impressive clarity. You can as well connect this device Magnification Camera on your computer using a USB connector then capture zoomed images. Its inbuilt camera has 1.3 megapixels. When it comes to cost, you will spend only $89.99 on each magnifier. So you can buy like 5 – 10 of these Handheld Magnification Cameras for your science classroom.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


PentaView LCD Digital Microscope

PentaView LCD Digital Microscope-Science Classroom Technology











This device will simplify the way your science students learn and perform research. It is a very rare Microscope with advanced functions, with this Pentaview LCD Digital Microscope, you will not strain your eye to view small objects under a microscope, all images are seen on a wide LCD screen. With this microscope, students can form groups and use one microscope to study any object. Which means it encourages group learning in the science classroom. The microscope can capture pictures and videos in a high quality resolution and store them for later usage. It is quite expensive compared to other digital microscopes, you will spend $419.99 for each of these Digital LCD Microscopes

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Adventurer Pro Precision Balance

Adventurer Pro Precision Balance - Science Classroom Technology











This Pro Precision Balance will enable your science students utilize a variety of measurements in the laboratory. It features an LCD Screen which will show clear text during experiments. It also comes with a built-in weigh-below hook which can be used for hanging measurements. It’s quite expensive equipment. You will spend at least $867.99 for this Adventurer Pro Precision Balance

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


Laboratory Scissor Jack – Stainless Steel

Laboratory Scissor Jack - Stainless Steel-Science Classroom Technology











This laboratory scissor jack is made out of stainless steel, so it is durable and your science students will use it for a longer time which will save you money. This is a cool gadget which can be used for research projects. It can be used in the laboratory or used in the field. Its price is based on its size, for example, an ”8 x 8 ” Laboratory Scissor Jack Stainless Steel Plate will cost you $62.10 and the ”6×6” will go for only $58.05. So you better define your needs before spending any penny on this gadget.

Buy it from: Sciencelab.com


Digital Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller - Science Classroom Technology











You need to keep your school laboratory safe, many school fires have been sparked from science labs, because most of the machines in science labs use power. So it is very important to have this digital temperature controller. This device will turn equipments on and off when temperature rises above or fall below set points. This will ensure the durability and functionality of your lab equipments. You can buy this device for only $167.48. Before you buy any of these science devices, make sure you talk with an experience science teacher to identify what is needed.

Buy it from: Sciencelab.com


EDU Series Classic Demonstration Fume Hood
Demonstration Fume Hood - Science Classroom Technology










During laboratory tests and chemical combination, hazardous fumes will be generates. So for you to keep your laboratory safe from these bad fumes and potential explosions, you can use this Mobile Ductless Demonstration Fume Hood. It is designed for individual and group applications, its side and rare walls can permit 360 degree visibility. It also has a high efficiency carbon filtration and air management system which protects both the user and the laboratory environment from dangerous fumes.  It’s an essential lab equipment; every school should buy this fume hood. It is a bit expensive , you will spend $4,444.00

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Gravity-Flow Portable Eye Wash

Gravity-Flow Portable Eye Wash - Science Classroom Technology











This device was designed for use near potential hazard areas which might lack water supplies. You students might be carrying out a test in a hazardous field, and they will be in need of water. This self contained eyewash device will continually flow water for up to 15 minutes. It is very easy to operate this device, simply pull down the yellow eyewash tray and activate its water spray. It price is a bit relative; you will spend $230.61 for each Gravity-Flow Portable Eyewash.

Buy it from: Amazon.com


Odyssey II Anti-Fog Chemical Splash Goggle

Anti-Fog Chemical Splash Goggle - Science Classroom Technology











While mixing chemicals in the lab, a mistake can be made and dangerous chemicals can be splashed in your eyes. So for both science students and science teachers to stay safe, they will need to wear this Anti-Fog Chemical Splash Goggle. It has a sealed dual lens for maximum performance; its scratch-resistant outer lens will protect the lens from wear and tear yet its anti-fog inner layers stays clear during use. These Chemical Splash Goggle Glasses will cost you only $10.99, so you can buy many so that each science student has one.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


SentryWash Portable Safety Station

Portable Safety Station -Science Classroom Technology











This SentryWash Portable Safety Station will help you create a safe lab anywhere. It has an eye wash with two spray heads which can be used to rinse your eyes, face and body. It is very essential to work from a clean environment and also to clean off those hazardous chemicals after lab experiments.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


PowerTank Portable Rechargeable Power Supply
Portable Rechargeable Power Supply - Science Classroom Technology










If you plan to take your science classroom for a field workshop, then this PowerTank Portable Rechargeable Power Supply will be essential. You can use it to power your telescope or any other device which might need power while in the field. You can’t believe this, buy its Booster terminals can also be used to start a weak car battery, which makes it even useful for your school track. You can spend only $69.99 – $129.99, which is quite affordable.

Buy it from: Schooloutfitters.com


NexStar SE Series Computerized Telescope
Technology For Schools - Computerized Telescope








Science subject is full of discoveries and unlimited research. Both teachers and students will find this Computerized Telescope very essential. It has a StarPointer which will help you with alignments and accurately locate objects in space. It also has an internal flip mirror which can stretch at 90 degrees to improve viewing of objects. This Computerized telescope comes with a camera control feature and shutter release cable which can allow you to remotely take a series of exposure using your digital SLR camera.

Buy it from: celestron.com
Large Format LCD Weather Station

Large Format LCD Weather Station - Science Classroom Technology








This large format LCD Weather Station will display either indoor or outdoor temperatures. It comes with a built-in hygrometer which can be used to measure the humidity of the lab on the inside or out the outside.
Buy it from: celestron.com


Frigimat Cub Dry Ice Maker:

Cub Dry Ice Maker - Science Classroom Technology











Every laboratory needs to stock ice cubes to keep some experiments and items fresh. Using your own cub dry ice maker will save you money and time. This Cub Dry Ice Maker can produce ice cubes in minutes. Simply attach this device to a liquid C02 (water) cylinder and it will start producing ready to use 250 – 350 gram block dry ice cubes.

Buy it from: Sciencelab.com


Universal Animal Restrainers

Universal Animal Restrainers - Science Classroom Technology











Biology laboratories will need to use this universal animal restrainer. it has a clear acrylic plastic and it also comes with a removable head and tail gate. Its head gate has breathing holes, so the rat will stay alive.  It comes in various sizes which include 102x29mm For Mice  ,  171x60mm For Rats and Hampsters, 216x73mm For Large Rats, Small Guinea. Prices for all these sizes differ. But they range between $419.25 – $475.15

Buy it from: Sciencelab.com



(1) Technology can improve students learning ability. If students start using technology in their classrooms, their interests in learning new subjects will increase, participation will double because technology facilitates visual learning. On our list of technology for schools we have seen some classroom technologies like the classroom amplification systems, student response system, mp4 Interactive media player and so many interesting technologies which can improve the way students learn and interact with educational content.

(2). Technology can improve on school efficiency and it will also help in quick decision making: School administrators and teachers perform more than one task in a day as school, you might find that they have to monitor students’ progress in classrooms, print Identity Cards for students, print exams for students, capture and store educational information and much more. To me this sounds like too much work, but technology will slice and dice all these tasks. Technological tools like computers, class management software can help teachers and school administrators easily perform their duties.

(3). Technology can help teachers meet professional requirements: Many times teachers are required to add value to their academic profession, this means they have to go back to school and upgrade to higher academic standards. However, this can be difficult, since they also have to come to school and teach. So with E-Learning technology, teachers can study after school from their homes.

(4). Technology improves students’ Learning Skills: When students use technology in their learning process, their brains learn how to solve challenges and they also learn more skills like writing skills which can be learned when using computers to write classroom notes or essays. Students can learn both math and English skills using challenging video games.

 (5). Technology can help schools meet needs of each student: Technology can be used in schools to promote individual learning. Teachers can assign research work using electronic mail, and students can use their computers or tablets to make research from any where. Students can communicate with their teachers using emails or text messaging services, this one-on-one communication between a student and their teacher can create a strong bond and help teachers easily understand the weakness of each student.


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