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Hacker Claims to Decrypt Apple’s SEP Firmware

Reportedly, a full decryption key for Apple's Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) firmware has been released by a hacker known by the handle xerub. The importance...

Cycle Computing Partners with Microsoft for HPC Cloud Services

Microsoft has recently bought a high-performance computing company as a part of their plan to cloudify as many types of enterprise workloads as they...

Auto and Motor

After a Mistake, Nissan Recalls Over 1.2 Million Cars for Rechecking

Because of the unauthorized checks, Nissan calls back a million cars to be rechecked. Final vehicle inspections were not done properly or in some cases,...

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Technology to Improve Your Concentration

Whether you are keen making your monthly budget, reading a book, revising for exams, studying for next lessons or just doing your job, you...

Nintendo Switch Games: The Best New and Upcoming Game titles 2017

Nintendo Switch games are hot in the market. As the gaming console has already sold over a million units, game enthusiasts are head over...