6th SpaceX Falcon 9 Lands Successfully After Satellite Launch
6th SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

SpaceX Falcon 9 has literally made Elon Musk the most innovative entrepreneur of the century. The successful rocket technology has launched another rocket into Earth’s orbit, landing its 6th rocket back to the land and without causing any space debris. The launch of JCSAT-16 satellite sets another milestone for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation.

Falcon 9 rocket launched JCSAT-16 satellite into space and touched down as the 6th successful landing by a SpaceX mission. The target was to set afloat the geostationary satellite 20,000 miles above the Earth’s surface, which was accomplished on August 14, Sunday.


It is worth noticing the Musk’s company has failed a total 5 rocket landing, nonetheless, the founder of the company kept pushing the limit. As yesterday’s rocket landing mission after satellite launch has come to pass successfully, the scientific community is looking at the future of space technology which leaves no room for space debris caused by wasted rocket parts.

However, Falcon 9‘s success is not stopping SpaceX from experimenting further. Preventing rockets from spreading space junk into the Earth’s orbit is one thing, but reusing the rockets brought back safely will be a completely different challenge on is now the top priority for the aerospace manufacturer. Elon Musk isn’t waiting on the new adventure and first re-used rocket test is due to take place this next month or in October.



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