Dell introduces 70-inch HD touchscreen for team collaboration and presentations.
Dell introduces 70-inch HD touchscreen for team collaboration and presentations.

Dell has taken the covers off its 70-inch HD touchscreen that will decorate the future presentations in the offices around the world. The hardware company published a new page on its official website highlighting the features of its upcoming product.

The new 70-inch touchscreen features 10-point multitouch, fast connectivity, and optional wireless connectivity with additional DP, HDMI, and VGA ports. Aimed at team collaboration assignments, the package includes two styluses and a remote control as well, while Dell also enables adding accessories like mouse, keyboard. Furthermore, it can also recognize fingerprints.

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The display can be connected to any devices with an output resolution of 1920X1080. The touchscreen monitor will also work well in the brightly lit office as reflection has been reduced with a special coating. However, its application is not limited to business conferences; Dell’s large touchscreen is also recommended for educational purposes in the classrooms.

Dell is off to release a line-up of whole new products later this year and the 70-inch touchscreen monitor is one of its proudest offers that has been released early on. The latest monitor will serve as a convenient tool to manage team collaborations where multiple users will be able to work on a single large display. The offer boosts reliability with a 3-year exchange warranty.


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