Facebook News Feed now focuses more on friends and family updates.
Facebook News Feed now focuses more on friends and family updates.

Facebook has announced that it will change the algorithms that change how its News Feed works. The new changes will prioritize updates from your friends and family, leaving other things waiting in line including the feed from the pages, organization, and Instant Articles as well.

“We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about,” Facebook representative said in a blog post. Now the focus of Facebook News Feed will concentrate more on stuff “posted by the friends you care about” which will show higher up in your home tab.

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Facebook pointed out on several other announcements that the company cares about “values” and the algorithms that control the flow of what appears on your News Feed will be accustomed  accordingly. When Facebook users log on their account, the purpose is to keep them updated on the hot and happening in their friends and family circle.

However, the company’s recent advertising efforts had affected the social network’s priorities which observed a strong resistance from its 1.65 billion users. There were also some useful upgrades like Facebook’s Safety Check which kept users informed on the safe location of their loved ones in the time of crisis.

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Where the new News Feed algorithms will benefit general users, it will also impact publishers of Instant Articles negatively as their content will be viewed by lesser viewers.



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