Jaguar has partnered with Shell to launch the first in-car payment system. Speaking prior to the official launch of the Shell app, Peter Virk, the director of Connected Cars and Future Technologies at Jaguar Land Rover, said that the company seeks to enable its clients to make payments for fuel straight from the touch screens of their cars.

‘We are committed to helping our customers make payments for fuel faster and in more convenient ways,’ he added.

Owners of the latest Jaguar Land Rover models can now use the app to pay for fuel when they in their cars. The new app uses the now common touch screen on many modern-day cars to let users pay for fuel and access an electronic receipt.

Currently, motorists can use the app to pay for fuel and then access their electronic receipts later. The receipts are sent to the email addresses that the motorists provide when installing the app.

Also, users can now pay for fuel using PayPal or Apple Pay. The two companies have indicated that plans are underway to include Google Pay in the repertoire of payment methods that clients can use to pay for fuel,

On the other hand, Shell has indicated that the new app underscores its commitment towards developing highly effective e-commerce solutions for its customers.

According to David Bunch, the Shell Vice President for Retail Marketing, the new app is a huge improvement on the early mobile payment solutions that Shell introduced.

‘We believe that this new app is a perfect solution to the issues that customers have been facing when they want to use a totally cashless system to pay for their fuel,’ he said.

He added that the novelty of the new system is in the way it allows clients to put their phones away and undertake the entire transaction on the screens of their cars.

‘Using this technology, clients can pay for their fuel transactions very conveniently and avoid the trouble of having to use cash all the time,’ he added.

Jaguar has also indicated that it will make the app available in all its future SUV models. Currently, the app is available in all a selected number of models of the car.

The company has also announced that it will be launching the new app across Britain by the end of February. The company plans to extend the rollout to the United States later this month before going global.


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