Several users noted that LG’s Smart TVs retain viewing habits data and even the name of your media files stored on USB devices, which are then sent to servers without their consent held by the Korean manufacturer.

The monitoring activity observed even after data collection service is turned off from TV’s menu, does not seem to take into account the protection of user privacy; the information collected is uploaded on LG servers using unencrypted connections, which can be easily intercepted by anyone with access to the wireless network.

According to investigations, LG representatives have issued a number of statements which have allowed the collection of information such as the watched channel name, TV platform and power transmission, adding however that the data taken is not personal and only serves to improve the experience of the Smart TV. For example, with this data it is possible to adjust the list of recommendations for Smart TV’s content and applications, advertisements displayed are selected according to the preferences of each user.Regarding cataloging the files found on the local network and storage devices attached to the USB port, LG stated that this behavior was implemented for a future function and should not worry anyone.

To calm any fears, LG has announced that it is preparing new firmware that gives the option to disable the collection and transmission of information activity.


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