NASA plans to Sell International Space Station to SpaceX like company

NASA is planning to sell International Space Station to a private aerospace company (like SpaceX) so the agency can concentrate more on low-earth orbit ventures and Mars mission. NASA’s deputy associate administrator Bill Hill announced the update was announced in a press conference saying that the orbiting structure will be handed over to a commercial entity in the next decade.

Selling the International Space Station is a huge decision that took the entire panel to confirm the decision. Hill is the admin at the NASA’s Space Exploration System who has been working in close collaboration with companies like SpaceX and other private aerospace companies. Handing over the ISS to a private company means that the agency is planning to distribute some functions to the private sector.


The decision could take effect anytime between 2016 to 2025. The fact that NASA engineers are installing a new gate on the ISS to for SpaceX and other private companies backs up the plan. The International Space has really aged and out-performed its duties, but it is estimated that it can withstand human traffic until 2024, or at least that’s how far the agency has extended the plans. If tomorrow a deal is done, SpaceX is, of course, the leadingcandidate for the orbiting structure.


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