There is a new wireless tracker on the market: its name is Pixie. Welcome to the brave new world of Pixie Points; a highly intuitive network of devices that can help you locate some of the devices you are fond of misplacing. Here are details on how Pixie works, its advantages and some of the things that you may not like about it.

What is Pixie?

Pixie is a small device that helps you locate some of the things that you may misplace. The device is a small, pear-shaped gadget that you can attach on some of the devices you would like to track. The device has a small battery that the manufacturer says lasts for about 12 months. Currently, a set of four pieces of Pixie Points, as they are called, retail at $49.99. The pieces are in a range of beautiful colors: red, pink, green and blue.

What does Pixie Do?

The function of Pixie is simple; to help you find your missing objects. Pixie is a wonderful improvement of the traditional wireless tracker devices that we have had for some time now. Pixie is revolutionary in various ways. For example, it uses a combination of Bluetooth and the geo-locate features of mobile devices to create a virtual map of particular devices that you may misplace.


For you to track your objects, you have to stick one Pixie Point on the device. For example, if you are fond of misplacing your laptop – yes, it happens – you will have to stick a Pixie Point on your laptop. Once all the points are working, you can pinpoint the exact position of every device that has the Pixie Point attached to it. Therefore, you can use this small device to track other devices within your house or even outside.

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How does Pixie Track Objects

When you attach the points on devices, you can access the exact location of the objects at any time. Pixie creates an augmented reality map that you can use to find any device in your house or even outside. The app makes the process of looking for a device fun. The tone and colour schemes of the app interface change as you move close to the device you are looking for.

Also, Pixie uses Bluetooth to communicate with all the other devices you would like to track. Therefore, using a wonderful interface and basic Bluetooth connections, Pixie helps you to track and find all the devices that you are fond of misplacing at any given time.

What makes Pixie Unique?

Several things make Pixie Points unique. First, it is easy to set up the service on your device. All you have to do is download the app from the Apple App Store and install it on your iOS device. Once you have your Pixie Points ready, you can easily set up all the points that you need by following the step-by-step guide that you will find on the app.

Second, unlike other wireless trackers that we have had before, Pixie Points pinpoints the exact location of objects. The other wireless trackers that are on the market work by only giving you the approximate location of the objects you are looking for.

In conclusion, the only disadvantage of Pixie is that the company behind it is yet to develop an app for Android. Regardless of this shortcoming, Pixie is a wonderful wireless tracker that you can use to find your lost items within minutes.


  1. I am looking for a tracker I can put on my car keys to locate them and I DO NOT HAVE A CELL PHONE so I want one that works with a desktop computer running Windows 10. Does anyone make such a device?


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