Remote Control Tattoo Microsoft

Microsoft and MIT researchers have just created something straight out of fiction: a functional tattoo that can remotely control smartphones. This extreme wearable future technology could serve as touchpads in the future or relay signals via NFC technology.

The touchpad tattoo is coming to DuoSkin on September 2016 where MIT experts will shed more light on the new technology. For now, the research team has only revealed the basic information like how the tattoo would work with a graphic software.

According to the details, such tattoos will be designed using gold circuits (gold is highly conductive to electricity) which along with some other components would serve as fully functionally touchpad. A touchpad right on your skin to interactively control smartphones.

The current model of the tattoo can be used as a trackpad, while the skin-embedded circuit itself would also possess interactive properties like changing color in response to the changing temperature. Likewise, the LEDs could also be impregnated on the skin for a more lively display to read information.

Previously, a similar Microsoft collaborated research helped develop Skinput, which used skin-based circuitry to call out gesture commands. This is yet another milestone in human skin-based interactive elements that could one day make inputs as simple as a mere slide of two fingers against each other.


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