Robot Pole-Dancers Showcased at Las Vegas Nightclub During CES 2018

Two robot strippers attracted crowds of visitors to the Las Vegas Sapphire Club last week during CES 2018. Despite packing some surprisingly realistic dance moves, the machines were designed to not resemble humans too much and even came with CCTV cameras instead of heads.

The future is officially here and brings with it sexy robot strippers. Well, maybe not necessarily sexy in terms of their appearance, but their moves definitely have a certain sex appeal to them. The two robots in question were showcased recently in the Las Vegas Sapphire Club where they attracted a lot of attention from curious attendees. Their appearance at the nightclub was meant to coincide with CES 2018 in an attempt to attract masses of tech-savvy customers to the establishment. The robots weren’t technically part of the event but they definitely left a lasting impression on any electronics aficionado who was happening to visit the Las Vegas Sapphire Club last week.

The two robots affectionately named R2DoubleD and TripleCPU are the brainchild of self-proclaimed British scrap metal artist Giles Walker who was playing around with the idea of pole-dancing machines for a number of years. This wasn’t the first time the twin robots took to the stage but it was most likely their most notable appearance due to all the buzz revolving around CES 2018 and new technology. This particular form of technology is perhaps a bit unorthodox but it does have an interesting story behind it and was mostly meant as an art installation.

While fairly humanoid in appearance, there are a few striking differences between the robots and the human dancers usually found at the nightclub. Most notably, Walker decided to go with CCTV security cameras instead of regular heads, which only added to the surrealism. According to the artist, he was inspired by voyeurism and the rise of surveillance cameras in the UK when he designed the robots. The two ideas lead him to create machines that could potentially survey attendees while showing off their surprisingly realistic pole-dancing moves. Naturally, the robots don’t look very similar to humans now but it’s interesting and perhaps a bit scary to think where this technology may lead.

Despite clearly having a fondness for sexy robots, Walker claims that he doesn’t want his creations to be considered part of the sex industry. In fact, the artist seems to be genuinely concerned about the potential consequences of creating hyper-realistic sex robots. Walker believes things could very easily move towards a dark path if technology keeps advancing too quickly in that direction. His concerns aren’t unwarranted either as there are plenty of ethical concerns regarding sex robots, particularly those that look like children. Some even believe that child sexbots could actually be used to stop pedophilia, though this is still a hotly debated topic.


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