Seagate 60TB SSD

Seagate has unveiled a 60TB Solid State Drive  for businesses, breaking Samsung’s previous 15TB SSD record. The latest product was revealed during company’s launch of new products during the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara.

The 60 terabyte SSD is currently in demonstrative phases so it is pretty far away from being sold out, but Seagate says it will be available for large scale businesses and data centers next year. According to estimates, a single SSD drive with this capacity is enough to store 12k DVD-quality movies or 400M social media-level photos.

Seagate’s self-claimed “largest SSD ever demonstrated” could one day deliver storage drives that would amount the lowest cost per gigabyte compared to today’s hard drives. There is no news on the price. Cloud platforms and services providers like Microsoft could greatly benefit from this new standard of storage devices.

However, Microsoft is experimenting with its own version of storage technology by utilizing the coding power of DNA. Previously, the company’s engineers were able to encode a full audio song into a DNA strand. If the technology becomes efficient enough, only a gram of DNA would store more data than thousands of Seagate’s 60TB SSDs.



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