We are starting a new “Tech Sunday” series, in which we will compile a list of interesting collections of technological stuff, innovation, news etc. These will hardly be text story, but photos and videos most of the time with just enough description to give you a basic idea. So here we go.

  1. Drone Catching Drones

Airspace is working on technologies that can help recover drones that have gone off the course. So called rogue drones, they cannot be controlled with a remote because due to some equipment error their ability to respond is tempered. Watch how hexadruple drone traps another drone in mid-air and brings it back to the ground.

  1. Robot Doing Pushups

This video demonstrates how fluids can help wash away the heat generated by high-working motors. The humanoid robot named Kengoro can do pushups for 11 minutes straight, and not without sweating. This sweating prevents the electric motors from heating up and they can perform more efficiently doing tough jobs like push ups.

  1. Highly Customized Tesla Model S

This video shows Tesla Model S with an extreme body makeup. It is owned by the singer and tech entrepreneur will.i.am. Watch as the person behind the camera shows amazing exterior of the car. This Model S looks completely out of the world.

  1. Oculus Rift Avatars

The following video The Verge’s review of the Avatars Facebook just announced in its recent Oculus Rift event: Oculus Connect. These VR Avatars may not very realistic but they are very customizable and for now the best way to socialize in the virtual reality space. The point is that you should not be able to see just hands of the opposite player but a persona as well.

Here was the round up technological stuff this week. Visit next Sunday to see more interesting gadgets and tech stories.


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