Given the unlimited uses of technology, it is used in almost every department in an organization. When it comes to human resource, technology helps in the all process from recruiting to retire functions and it has greatly changed the way managers and employees gain access to human resource data.. However, it is quite a challenge to use technology as a human resource tool because of its complex, but if it is well applied, the organization will save time and money during the process. Below I have listed a few uses of technology on human resource management.

Recruitment: This has been aided by e-recruitment web portals were employers post positions and qualifications needed for a specific job. Then the job seeker will select their field of expertise and apply for that particular position online. Now days, these portals have even made e-recruitment visual, by enabling Job seekers post videos describing what they can do as well show case some of their potential. There also other medias were these job postings can be found for example social media sites. Many people have been recruited through social networks like facebook. A business simply posts a job position on its facebook page and its fans will apply, if any of them qualifies for the position they will get that job. This process has also made human resource management more social than ever.

  • Training & development: After the process of recruiting is finished, human resources manager will have to use technology to train new employees. Even though they qualify for the position, their some things which the human resource manager has to put clear before new employees take their positions. Technology will allow the team to access required documents on every specific position via a decentralized computer ”Database” and they will read through to understand every aspect. If illustrations are required, the human resource manager can use a visual illustration to explain some points in details. This saves time and makes the process easier.


  • Performance management: Human resource manager can use technology to monitor the performance of employees. With the help of tools like CPM (Computerized performance monitoring) , the manager can know how much work has been accomplished by each employee per a given period of time. Also the same software can help in the flow of information about employee performance across the organization. At the end of the day every thing is transparent and production is guaranteed because humans once monitored, they will do their best to look good.


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  • Virtual Manpower: With the help of internet, businesses can recruit people to work from the comfort of their homes. Telecommunication and service providers have implemented this module of recruiting and parties are paid per work done. Many Tele-centers and data entry firms have resorted to this module of human resource recruitment to increase on out put and also increase on their RIO ( return on investment). With this system, a business can hire over 500 employees across the globe to perform a given task, and then they get paid per task completed. This saves both money and time to the business.