Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has said that the company is making progress on its semi-truck project. Musk tweeted that he had spoken to Jerome Guillen, the company executive currently running the semi-truck project and that he had been informed that the project was well on course.

‘We are making progress on the semi-truck project, but Model 3 is of the greatest priority,’ Musk said in a tweet.

The Tesla CEO was responding to a question raised by Fred Lambert of Electrek, who wanted to know the degree of progress that Tesla was making regarding the semi-truck project.

The semi-truck project remains one of the most exciting projects that the company is currently working on, apart from the Model 3 project.

The main goal of the semi-truck project is to develop a new form of truck that can be used to move goods within an urban setting.

According to sources, Tesla expects to design and build a truck that can move goods for relatively long distances after a single charge.

The idea is to change the manner in which trucks are used to move goods within the urban settings, it has been said.

Earlier, Musk had indicated that the semi-truck project was a core aspect of the master plan of the company.

‘We seek to build this truck as a way of reducing the costs that companies and individuals experience when they are moving goods from one place to another,’ he said.

He further added that the purpose of the project was to enable Tesla to build a truck that could be more efficient and effective in moving goods from one place to another.

It has also been indicated that the company is planning to build a bus that runs on electricity, in addition to the semi-truck.

According to the CTO of the company, JB Straubel, Tesla seeks to use its technology and know-how to build new types of vehicles that shall revolutionise the various aspects of the transport industry.

Observers will be keen to watch how Tesla manages its various exciting projects, given that the company requires a considerable level of resource investment to bring its high-priority Model 3 project to fruition within the set timelines.

The company is relying on its gigafactory to produce the batteries that it needs to build a slew of revolutionary and highly functional electric cars for the future.


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