The thrills of riding in and/or driving a sports car rivals that of kissing a loved one.

A recent study by Ford shows that while sports cars might take a toll on your wallet, they improve your mental and emotional state immensely. Of course, this isn’t news to any car enthusiast.

The study was conducted by measuring moments of ‘high-intensity thrills’, otherwise known as buzz moments. Science has shown time and time again that these little pockets of intense emotion are very beneficial all across the board.

Ford had people commute in a sports car and then put those findings up against the same people kissing their significant other. The results of the study proved that the subjects experienced more of these buzz moments in the seat of the sports car. A roller coaster ride was the only activity that had more buzz moments. And you can’t ride a roller coaster to work every day, so did it really win?

Dr. Harry Witchel, a physiology discipline leader, commented on this. He said that the study not only will the sports car get you where you need to go, but it also makes you feel great.

Ford took their findings from this study and designed the ultimate power car, titled the Ford Performance Buzz Car. You’ll know when you’re having a buzz moment because the whole car will light up with over 200,000 LEDs. It does this by combining wearable technology an AI, which was developed by Sensum.

The Performance Buzz Car concept took over 1400 hours to complete, but Ford isn’t letting that deter them. They are already working on multiple other ideas and designs based on this study.

Dr. Marcel Mathissen, a Ford research scientist, praised Ford’s study. He claimed that the research is paving the way to safe roads and safer driving.

Sports car enthusiasts will have to wait to see where this leaves them.


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