From the team that created the world’s fastest car, comes another episode of sound-breaking velocity to break their own record. The Thrust supersonic car reached 767mph back in 1997, now its supersonic successor Bloodhound is ready to hit the 800mph milestone in 2017.

World’s fastest driver, Andy Green who drove Thrust, and its project director, Richard Noble, have finally received the sponsorship for the next fastest speed test, which is due to take place in the South African desert the next October. Composed of 3,500 body parts, Blood hound is a 13.5-meter long Speedmaster driven by Eurofighter Typhoon’s 135k horsepower engine.

During the initial stages, Bloodhound will first be tested earlier in June 2017 at Newquay Areohub. However, the June’s run will be at much lower speeds of about 220mph. Additionally, the help of local community had to be taken to clear the 12-mile long and 2-mile wide runway at the Hakskeen Pan, South Africa, and about 16k tons of rocks and stones had to be moved by hands.

Bloodhound is set to break 767mph milestone that its processor set in Nevada Desert in the October of 1997. The team will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its previous speed record by breaking it with a new one. If they succeed, the new supersonic  would travel at the speed of 1-mile/3.6 seconds!



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